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Agricultural University of Plovdiv – Faculty of Plant Protection and Agroecology 

The Agricultural University – Plovdiv was established in 1945. The major structural units are the four faculties (Faculty of Agronomy, Faculty of Horticulture with Viticulture, Faculty of Plant Protection and Agroecology, Faculty of Economics), offering training for the three educational degrees: bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programmes.
Important novel structural units of the Agricultural University, related to training and research activities, are: the Distance Learning Centre, Agroecological Centre, Research Centre with accredited Laboratory Complex, Demonstration Center for New Technologies in Agriculture, Centre of Integrated Management of Plant Diseases, Centre for Biological Testing, etc.
Key activities:
1. Teaching and training of highly qualified specialists;
2. Providing the academic background for the development of agricultural education and research;
3. Carrying out R&D activities and transfer of innovations into agricultural practice, food and drink industry;
4. Surveys, designing, consultancy, expertise and extension services, cooperation with SMEs.
The teaching process is linked with scientific investigations and practice for the efficient use of the resources and the provision of safety food and sustainable development.
The Educational and Experimental Fields occupy an area of 205. 1500 biological units are being maintained, with seed and planting material production. An up-to-date research and experimental winery has been built in the village of Brestnik. For the development of the animal science, various breeds of animals are kept for training and reproduction purposes and are constantly being enriched.
Human Resources: academic staff – 212, including full-time professors, associate professors and assistant professors; total number of academic, technical and administrative staff – 550.
In 2015 the Agricultural University celebrated its 70th Anniversary in harmony with the rich traditions and human potential, which are indispensable for the future development of modern agriculture and tourism. Bulgaria is a country that can contribute to solving global problems and challenges of the twenty-first century in the field of agricultural science and human nutrition.

Role in Project

Person Name: Mariana Petkova

Job Title: Assis. prof. , PhD Department of Microbiology and Environmental Biotechnology

Tel: +35932654270


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Dimitris Kokkinis (Coordinator)

Deputy Project Manager

Region of Peloponnese, Greece